What do I GET with my Coaching Package?

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 A LOT!                    

                                         Custom executive                                          Depending on the  particular option you select,  your SciEnspire!
engagements                                               Coaching Package typically  gives you  three to six months inside
.                                            also available                                               your own personal development  laboratory with a fully tailored
 .                                                                                                                               program that includes most or all of the following features:         

 An experience designed for YOU, your needs, and your aspirations 
     to get the outcomes YOU want, that matter most to YOU

 VIP Discovery Launch Day 
     to fire you up, unleash your self-knowledge, set your intention, orient your energy, and aim your focus

 (1) True Tilt Profile Self-Assessment w/ Comprehensive Individualized Report & Debrief 
     robust tool to surface your most automatic behaviors so you can shift them toward growth and agility 

 (1) One-year Subscription to Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor  
     real-time dashboarded web app to collect self- and 360 feedback anytime, for your ongoing evolution

 Up to (10) or (20) live, private 45-minute coaching sessions with Laura 
     typically 3 sessions per month, via teleconference or in person 

 Online access to Laura anytime 
     typically with ≤ 24-hr response turnaround  

 Prototyping and test drives of new "inner apps" and external behaviors
     to support "Model 'til you morph" © experimentation and practice

 Just-in-time coaching with Laura in between scheduled sessions
     to address critical urgent matters that arise suddenly

 Access to any SciEnspire! © online group programs

 [For sponsored engagements] Appropriate consultation with invested stakeholders
     to keep our private 1-1 work aligned with and accountable to corporate / HR goals and objectives

 Floating interaction w/ Laura, via your own SciEnspire! © Office  secure private client website 
     One convenient place where everything you need for our coaching interactions is organized.

     It gives you 24 / 7 access to . . . 
           *  audio recording of every teleconferenced coaching session with Laura
           *  guided readings and A/V recordings selected and tailored for you by Laura

           *  developmental exercises for your solo experimentation and practice
           *  session prep, processing and accountability tools
           *  personal Evidence Journal  (to document progress; hold private, 2-way communication with Laura;
               and to record coaching feedback that helps you keep accountable to your goals and commitments)



Everything we'll use in your coaching experience  (tools, forms, schedules, documents, resources, etc.)  will be conveniently housed in your own secure, confidential private client website  (i.e., your online SciEnspire! © Office).  Once your SciEnspire! engagement begins, I will assign you a unique username and password, along with access information and further instructions. Then at your convenience, you can enter your SciEnspire! © Office to fill out, review, and / or update the forms, documents, tools and other resources that we’ll be using throughout our venture together.

Your online SciEnspire! © Office has specific tools to support your preparation for, and integration of, our coaching sessions, so that you leverage every minute we spend together and maintain "benefit momentum" in your everyday life. In between coaching sessions you will also have access to me via your online SciEnspire! © Evidence Journal (and via email, too, in pressing situations). I'm available through these communication portals any time you have questions, become stuck or want to share victories.



Our 45-minute live private coaching sessions are typically scheduled on a regular time slot (same day of the week, at the same time of day) that usually works well for you (e.g., 10:00-10:45am on the first three Tuesdays of the month). We accommodate occasional calendar adjustments as needed. In general, you and I meet virtually by teleconference, or even face to face sometimes if you are in or near the NC Triangle.

During our live sessions together, we question and ponder, listen and wonder, hypothesize and recognize, probe and test, validate and debunk, discover and clarify, model and modify, practice and morph — and celebrate your progress!  Then we map your way forward to the next session.

Between sessions, you try out new behaviors and new ways of sensing, seeing, feeling, thinking, and becoming more aware. And you chart your choices and changes in your Evidence Journal, located inside your online SciEnspire! © Office. You'll build the core of your Journal by completing the online Session Prep and Post-Session Recap Forms (supplemented by your own Lab Log entries, and by additional Log entries and appointment notes from Laura). Doing so will not only create a log of your progress, it will also anchor and enhance the benefits of your coaching experience.

Other information we may exchange inside your Evidence Journal typically includes your progress metrics, any other output by you for me to review / answer, and my reference material for you. Our in-between correspondence also carries cognitive, somatic and behavioral tools along with customized body-brain development activities that I recommend for you, based on emerging neuroscience and expressly aimed at bringing forth the specific results you want.

Occasionally, you may have an urgent need  (to ask a question, get feedback, or receive a confidential response) that can't easily wait until our next regularly scheduled 45-minute session, or even for impromptu exchange via your online Journal. During pressing situations like this, you may use direct email if you believe that will connect us faster for on-the-fly coaching from me. In a true emergency, you are welcome to call me directly.



In the course of all these inquiries, perceptions, exchanges and actions, growth happens. So do breakthroughs, at your blind spots, at your growing edge. As you evolve, you adjust your sights and intentions to support your own growth as well as your desired outcome. Together, we adjust methods and direction as needed to get you ever closer to what you want and where you want to be.

You are unique, and so your particular SciEnspire! program will be continuously personalized in response to the unique experience you are having, to serve your best interests. That said, most individuals who undertake six months of guided work in their own personal change laboratory usually experience somewhere along the way these six common stages of challenge / resistance and breakthrough [shown with their prominent associated neurotransmitters] :

    opening to Possibility and deepening in Trust of self and others   [endorphins, serotonin]

  II    fearing / avoiding Failure or Making Mistakes → finding Secure Status and Self-Significance  [norepinephrine]
 III    fearing / avoiding Rejection  →  welcoming Acceptance and Approval   [serotonin]  
 IV    fearing / avoiding Abandonment  →  nurturing Connection and Belonging   [oxytocin]  
  fearing / avoiding Vulnerability or Stagnation  →  generating Personal Power and Self-Agency   [dopamine] 
enjoying creative Freedom and thriving in Resilience   [endorphins]

I guide and support you through each of these stages as they come and go. My philosophy is that you possess the capacity and inner resources to shift your current life situation toward having more of what you want, with less strain and struggle. (see my Approach)

When  our  work  together  ends,  you  have  new  possibilities  and
 options, plus real results — and the know-how to make them last.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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