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Since 2009, I've guided hundreds of hi-tech and hi-touch types alike  
to  build  higher–performing  teams,  get  on  with  their  ventures,  
get  done  with  their  projects,  get  ahead  in  their  careers,  get  
healthy  in  their  relationships,  or  get  satisfying  rewards.  
And  to  do  so  with  positive 
influence  and  impact.   

BEGAN  my own career as  a geophysical researcher. Through  mindset,  matching 
effort and good sponsorship, I went on to build and run new programs, departments 
and whole organizations in Culture and Philanthropy. Eventually circled back to serve  
the Sci-Tech enterprise at a 50-member international scientific honor society. Passion 
for personal development led me to coach people in upheaval and ambiguity, through 
to positive change. Now, I partner with professionals in Tech and Medicine to catalyze
innovation, 'healthify' their culture, and accelerate agile team-leader development. 


Supporting Serge D'Rovencourt — French Resistance medal winner, Holocaust survivor, honorary consul, philanthropist and businessman —       at one of his many philanthropic fundraising events (May 2000)


EDUCATED  at MIT, Wellesley College and U of Colorado-Boulder  (BA, MS physics)  
Professionally trained and experienced in facilitating or implementing ... 

        +   True Tilt Profile  certified
        +   True Tilt TEAM Profile  * certified

        +   Appreciative Inquiry process
        +   Intercultural Dialog  * certified
        +   Workplace Mediation and Intercultural Conflict Resolution  * certified

+   Ethical Principles, Regulations, Risk Assessment,
and Informed Consent for Social and Behavioral Research  * certified
        +   Outdoor challenge-based team-leader reaction courses 

MENTORED  by some superb bosses,  including a (retired) major general who'd been  
Deputy Surgeon General  of the US Army.  Brushed by some major disrupters,  including  
a few  Nobel  science  laureates,  a  MacArthur  'Genius',  the 'father of the H bomb,'  and 
the  late  star  of  YouTube's  "Most  IMPORTANT  Video  You'll  Ever  See." 


                 Laura (#7 — top row, 2nd player from L) with hardball team mates
                                   (YES — all the rest are BOYS )  Read the story

STRETCHED  by  some unusual life experiences,  incl.  one season  as a pioneering 
first girl to play hardball in my neighborhood little league, 14 months as a rollerblading  
waitress (over the age
of 30), and one night on stage with the Original Merry Prankster   
and  with  the author  of  "Howl"  (in a live show  panned by Rolling  Stone  magazine). 

WELL SEASONED  too,  in the self-doubt, uncertainty and fear  that plagues us all.  
And  in  rebuilding  ourselves  from  the  ash  that  we  sometimes  burn  down  to —  
like after  accidentally  blowing  up  the  lab  ( OK,  so it  was  just  a can of  dog  food  
that  exploded  on  the  Mr.  Coffee  warming  plate  in  my  grad-student  bullpen. 
But  it  happened  right  next  door  to   "The  Most  IMPORTANT  Video"  star. 
And  stunk  up  the  whole  hall  for  weeks. )

Been there,  broke that,  and  passionate  about  helping  others. 
work through THEIR challenges and celebrate THEIR successes. *. 
Because our world needs investigators, innovators, inventors and the . 

like to give it their very best. And because they deserve A1 support in . 
their personal development, to stand in their own power. . 


 *  Plus, I do  'eat my own dog food,'  so clients can trust what I serve up.            +  LI icon 

                     Laura (front center) guiding 3D embodied development in 
                     leadership and teaming, with 2018 Duke MBA candidates



                               © LAURA  J.  NIGRO, M.S.


 "I've completed a number of these corpor-

ate learning events in the past, and Laura

was one of the best facilitators I've worked

with ... [she] was able to expertly weave

individual, team and life lessons into the

event — making personal connections

with each of us and offering a safe and

supported environment for us all to

step out of our comfort zone."

Mike Ellerhorst — IT Infrastructure
and Security Consultant at PwC


"Laura was our group's mentor and coach.

She was enthusiastic, kind, energetic and

I learned a lot about team work that day,

but most importantly, Laura enabled me

to identify and improve upon an important

aspect of my life, which was resilience."

Nooresa Sutarwala — 2017 Master of
Management Studies (MMS) Candidate

at Duke Fuqua School of Business


  "Laura graciously and effectively opens

hospitable time and space for trustworthy

give-and-take. She's ever-skillful but never

manipulative. With patient integrity, warmth

and keen appreciation of others' ideas, she

adroitly encouraged and directed me to

develop my work in new ways. She gave

me confidence to enter new venues for

presentation and networking. It's plenty

to give good advice when it's needed but

 even rarer to actually inspire better work.

 Laura gets my vote for promotion

from coach to Muse!"

Martin C. Fowler, PhD — author of
The Ethical Practice of Critical Thinking


"I would have to say that Laura saved

our STEM Leaders Roundtable last spring.

Literally, she saved it. She planned well and

did a highly professional and effective job of

facilitating. Publications have come from the

engaged and thoughtful discussions, thanks

to her use of group activities and guidance

toward achieving these end products."

Steve Warshaw, PhD — Vice Chancellor

for Academic Programs at North Carolina
School of Science and Mathematics

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