For Your Enterprise

for  the  WHOLE  SYSTEM  


► Customized  training  and  guidance  to  grow  highly  effective  leaders,  teams,  cultures     
     And  to  catalyze  inside-out  business  agility  that  will . . .     

  •   boost creativity,  innovation,  and  resilience 
  •   guide  you  through  VUCA  conditions   
  •   raise  organizational  productivity  
  •   open silos / improve matrix flow
  •   realize your people's potential 
  •   intensify workplace happiness   
  •   deepen  employee  engagement 
  •   repair relationships and rebuild trust 
  •   optimize  assets,  positions,  and  linkages  

► Facilitation through sticking points to render choices and decisions that yield better outcomes   

    tooling up / tuning up            

    architecting new programs            

    restructuring and integrating            

    regrouping, refreshing, recharging            

    recognizing and celebrating successes            

    re-engineering  systems  and  processes            

    establishing  purpose / creating  a  vision            

    charting  a  new  course,  with  re-alignments            

    investigating  conditions,  exploring  possibilities            

    giving–receiving honest employee feedback for real influence and impact            

    crafting  mission-critical,  commissioned products  (e.g., corporate  charter,  strat  plan)            


   accelerate your evolution     

► Personalized coaching  to    support  big  change  after  big  training  investments 
             ensure  that  those  investments  return  desirable  results  that  stick  
             develop  individuals  as  successful  leaders,  partners,  creators  and  change agents. 
► Expert design,  delivery and  curation of  discovery-based  experiences  that foster EQ and BQ.  
     And that spark teams'  holistic  adaptive  learning  for changing situations  in uncertain times. 

► Guidance for  largescale,  complex  majorchange  initiatives  in consultation or partnership  
     with  other  highly  qualified  organizational  development  professionals. 

► Program  siting  at  the  client's  choice  of  location(s),  including  Triangle  Training  Center  in 
     Pittsboro, NC a 30-acre park-like setting with modern classroom-
     office facilities and amenities.  This highly resourced venue features 
     outdoor high- and low-element challenge courses for whole-brain  
     embodied action learning  that can accelerate  bonding, innovation, 
     trust  building  and  smart  risk  taking  in  your  people.  Generating
     considerable  forward  momentum  for  the  whole  enterprise. 



   accelerate your evolution    

  drawing upon  empirical  evidence  from  
interpersonal neurobiology,  neurosomatics, 
     epigenetics, and other findings of emerging brain science and behavioral psychology.  Emphasis 
n prompting participants to discover and explore their inner/outer 'growing edge' within a risk- 
     appropriate arrive at their own organic conclusions and healthy sustainable solutions. 

     Adherence  to  Ethical  Practices  of  the  Experiential  Training  and  Development  Alliance  and 
     Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation (SciEnspire! is not affiliated with ETDA or ICF).  

     NIH  certification  in  Information  Security  Awareness  (incl. ethical 
interviewing/data collection). 
     Tilt  certification  in administering
and debriefing  True Tilt TEAM Reports  and  True Tilt Profile 
     Self–Assessments,  as  benchmarks  and  prep  for  360  feedback. 


rsonal referral service  for subjects to obtain  quantitative and / or qualitative  diagnostic  assessments 
     from certified professionals  (e.g., MBTI, 
HBDI,  DiSC,  SDI,  TKI,  FIRO-B, Lominger, Barrett Cultural Values 
     Assessment,  Workplace  Big  5,  Tilt 365, and other multi-rater performance evaluations  for  individuals; 
     and for teams — Dennison Culture Surveys,
Predictable Success, Leadership Culture Survey, and Cultural 
     Transformation Tools


   .SciEnspire! values impartiality, to design tailored approaches which serve
   .the best interest of each client. For this reason, neither 
Laura J. Nigro nor
   .SciEnspire!  engages as a  3rd-party affiliate  or joint venture partner with
   .any tools or companies, including those named above. Neither Laura nor
SciEnspire!  receives any commission, residual, royalty,  kickback, or fee
   .when clients purchase recommended 3rd-party products / services.



  • Challenge-based learning segment, National Leadership Institute for the American Congress
       of Obstetricians and Gynecologists   subcontracted by Triangle Training Center (TTC)

  • Action learning for BCBSNC Internal Sales Team Building   subcontracted by TTC

  • Leaders Roundtable for the National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools

  • Cross-functional,  cross-level  Focus Groups  on  Deviation Management,
        for a global vaccine maker
       teamed with Continuum Consulting Services

  • Leadership Retreat for FHI Global Health & Development Group
        teamed with Continuum Consulting Services

  • Leaders Roundtable for the New Economy Network
        teamed with FutureWave Consulting

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