To make and sustain big changes that are hard to accomplish solo  
To not give up before they achieve real, worthwhile results  
To get, do, attain or become what they want, faster 
To discover what they really want  


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Are there professional standards for the coaching industry?

Yes, the International Coach Federation ( ICF, an industry association ) promotes the
of coaches. It has established a code of ethics, core competencies and
accreditation processes for professional coachesLearn more about all this here.

"Ethics matters. First, last, always!"    
Laura's personal statement                                   

As a coach, I take very seriously each of the 28 standards of                                   
professional c
onduct developed and upheld by the ICF in its                                   
Code of Ethics. Although I am not at this time trained, certified
or credentialed in any way by ICF, I do independently commit                                   

to this Code. Specifically, as stated in The ICF Pledge of Ethics,                                  

I acknowledge and agree to honor my ethical                                     

and legal obligations to my coaching clients and                                     
sponsors, colleagues, and to the public at large.                                     
I pledge to comply with the ICF Code of Ethics                                     

and to practice these standards with those                                     
whom I coach, teach, mentor or supervise.                              

As a trained scientist elected to Associate Membership                                    
in Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society,                                    
I also support the Society's Mission:                                    

To enhance the health of the research enterprise,                                     
foster integrity in science and engineering                                      

and promote the public's understanding                                      
of  science  for  the  purpose  of                                      
improving the human condition.                                      

In addition to formal education, training and work
n physics, I've also conducted field investigations for a                                    
nationwide study led by the National Institutes of Health                                    
(NIH). To qualify for this, in January 2011, I successfully                                    
completed standardized training in
Human Subject Research,                                    
which included
Ethical Principles, Regulations,                                    
Risk Assessment and Informed Consent for                                    
Social and Behavioral Research.                                    

Throughout my work as a coach, guide and                                     
facilitator, I strive for ethical conduct                                     
in all matters. First, last, always!                                     

                                                  Laura bermuda blue signature                                          

What can I expect from you as my coach?

  1.   To be on time for our scheduled calls and sessions, and to give you at least 24 hours’
         notice when I know I must reschedule.

  2.   To be a partner in bringing out the best, the deepest and the truest in you; to prompt
         and support you to the best of my ability
as a coach
, and without judgment of you.

  3.   To provide safety, encouragement and support in an environment in which you can
         relax and explore; to let you know right away when I sense that something in our
         coaching relationship needs to shift for health and safety’s sake.

  4.   To listen carefully to what you say and ask questions that increase awareness;
         to expand your view of what is possible and promote discovery of new insights.

  5.   To give you input and straight feedback, and to operate as a sounding board; to be
         as honest with you as possible, in service of your personal growth and development.

  6.   To meet you where and how you are now, and to support your development from
         there to where you want to go. To inform you if I sense that your own development
         in some area exceeds mine, and that you would be better served by another coach.

  7.   To accept your ups and downs when your enthusiasm flags, when you are confused,
         when the going gets tough, and when backsliding happens; to be there for you by
         helping you navigate these ups and downs and confront your emotional reactions
         and habits that surface around this.

  8.   To uphold confidentiality as paramount to our partnership; to refrain from disclosing
         to others anything that emerges from our conversations which would personally
         identify you.

  9.   To respect and protect your investment of time, money and energy in this process.

10.   To disclose to you in advance the fees of our coaching process (and of any adjuncts
         or extensions you elect). To charge you fairly and at the time(s) dictated by our
         Working Agreement.

11.   To be an ongoing resource for you in accomplishing your intentions; to hold you
         accountable to doing what you agree to within a reasonable time frame, in order
         to realize your goal(s).

12.   To let you own your success, and to accept supportive credit as your coach.

Do you give a money-back guarantee, if it's not right for me?

Yes, you are protected by  SciEnspire!'s  100%  Money-Back  "Participation"  Guarantee:
If, by end of 1st month (28 – 33 full days after start of
engagement), you have shown up
to the sessions and participated fully in your own personal
change laboratory, you may
let me know that this is not working for you and I will completely refund your payment.

Day 28 is the soonest that you may receive a full refund;  Day 33 is the latest.  To honor
our coaching agreement and the coaching process, no refunds will be made during this
six-day window if you haven't shown up for your sessions, nor done the follow-up

Also, no refunds of any amount will be made after Day 33

Are my data safe and secure in your system and in my online Office?

Yes! In fact, three levels of security are provided to keep your data safe and confidential:  

  1.  Your username and password are protected;
  2.  Verisign Security Certificate protects your data on this site; 
  3.  The web pages of your online SciEnspire! Office are all secured ( https:// ).


Is my information also kept confidential ?

Yes. Since this site is protected by a username / password system, you are the only one
who has access to your information. Furthermore, I pledge to uphold this confidentiality
outside of the website system by guarding your PII in all my writing and conversations.
(PII = Personally Identifiable Information that would allow someone to discern your
identity from any details about your situation or experience.)


How do I get going with coaching, to have my own breakthroughs?

If you're ready to enter into a coaching partnership now, please contact me by phone
( 1.919.885.4412 ).  We'll schedule time to further explore the details of the coaching
relationship.  During that time, we can also review the various SciEnspire! packages
and Working Agreements and select the right one for you. If you'd prefer to explore 
more on your own first, get a free self-coaching Breakthrough Guide and / or self-
schedule a complimentary SEARCH Session with me (right below, in the sidebar).

How will I know you are the right coach for me?

During our initial conversations and / or SEARCH Session, we will
identify together if
this is an appropriate fit. So, before you say "yes", you will have had a taste of what
the coaching experience will be like. Until then, learn more about me and my
approach to coaching at  ABOUT LAURA  and  APPROACH.

What if it gets difficult down the road?

That's exactly what superb coaching is for! But first, remember that you're covered by
SciEnspire!'s money-back guarantee through the first month of your endeavor (see the
details above). Afterward, your program will be continuously personalized in response
to the unique experience you're having, to serve your best interests.

That said, know 
that it's typical for people undertaking three+ months of serious work
in their own 
personal change laboratory to encounter challenge / resistance — and sub-
sequent breakthroughs — along the way. I guide and support you in these periods as
they come and go. Our guiding philosophy is that you possess the capacity and

resources to shift your current life situation toward having or being more of what you
want, and with less effort. When our work together ends, you have new options and
possibilities, plus real results — and the know-how to make them last.


How do I get into my SciEnspire! Office (Private Client Website)?

On the navigational menu of the website, click LOGIN. Then enter the username and
password that has been assigned to you. Don't have login information yet?  Contact
me so we can get an account created for you.

What do I do if my username or password doesn't seem to work?

Remember that the login info is case sensitive, so enter it exactly as it was given to
you. Also, take extra care when copying and pasting your credentials, as this method
can introduce unintended blank spaces (which count in a password), thus rendering
your entry incorrect. Again, if you don't remember your login credentials, you can 
contact me via email and I'll forward them directly to you.

Can I change the password you assigned to me?

Yes. The first time you login, you'll do so using a starter password assigned to you.
Then after your initial login, you can change your password at any time, this way:

   1.  Login  to your SciEnspire! Office (your Private Client Website) . . .
   2.  . . . then hover over your STARTER PAK in the violet menu bar. . .
   3.  . . . and click on My profile near top of that drop-down menu; My profile page opens up.
   4.  Now go to bottom of your personal info fields (at left, just below Default Email Address).
   5.  Right under Change Password, use the blue link "click here to change your password".

What if I forget or lose my password and login information?

If you forget just your password AND YOU'RE WILLING TO HAVE IT (TEMPORARILY) CHANGED:

  1. click LOGIN at SciEnspire.com . . .
  2. . . . then click on the blue "forgot password" link to right of the "Login" button.
  3. On the Password Reset page, enter your username and click "Reset Password" button.
  4. Receive auto-email with a new password (changeable after logging in, per instrux above).

If you misplace both your username and password, contact me and I will forward your login
credentials to you.


May I contact you in between our scheduled coaching sessions?

Yes!  If you'd like support on something that comes up in between our sessions,
you  can  post  an  inquiry  to  your  online  Lab  Log  and  then  we  can  do  some
"just in time" coaching inside your SciEnspire! Office (your Private Client Website).


What if I need to reschedule my session?

It's easy. With at least 24 hours' notice, you can reschedule your session or any other
appointment by using the online calendar system. Just complete the following steps:

   1.  Login  to your SciEnspire! Office (Private Client Website).

   2.  Click on the CALENDAR menu.

   3.  Locate a COACH Session time block that you'd like to have, and click on it. Or if
        you already have an existing appointment that you want to reschedule, click
        on that one (Nb, you might not be able to change it < 24 hours in advance).

   4.  Click on the "edit" button and change the details of the appointment to match
         up with an available COACH Session that you want.

   5.  The calendar will update itself; you'll see your new appointment reflected and
         I'll be automatically notified of the change.


How do I easily make payments for my SciEnspire! coaching services?

I you select an installment payment plan, you'll receive an invoice from SciEnspire! at
regular intervals. It will detail the amount committed
to for that interval. You can
to your SciEnspire! Office  (Private Client Website)  anytime to
 view your receipts and
invoices, your upcoming payments, and to pay any amounts that are (over)due.

At this time, PayPal, Check and Cash are all accepted. If you'd like to pay another way,
please let me know.
I can also process your payments for you via credit / debit card.

    PayPal   Click on the link at bottom of your invoice to login to your Office (your
    Private Client Website), then click on the PAYMENT menu. Enter your PayPal info
    here, and SciEnspire!'s system will automatically (and securely) process it.

    Cash   DO NOT MAIL. Cash is accepted only in person. I'll immediately hand you a
    temporary receipt in exchange for your payment; soon after you'll get a standard
    digital receipt issued from SciEnspire!, which you can also print if desired.

    Check   Make and mail a check per instructions in the NOTES section near bottom
    of the invoice(s) that you receive (periodically) from SciEnspire!


     Payment by Credit Card   Complete a "Credit Card Authorization" form. You'll find this
    inside your SciEnspire! Office  (Private Client Website)  by hovering over your
    PROGRESS PAK, and then clicking on the "Documents" folder. The form is at
    very bottom of the folder. Once I get your authorization and billing information,
    I'll automatically process your payments for you as outlined in the form.



 "Laura graciously and effectively opens

hospitable time and space for trustworthy

give-and-take. She's ever-skillful but never

manipulative. With patient integrity, warmth

and keen appreciation of others' ideas, she

adroitly encouraged and directed me to

develop my work in new ways. She gave

me confidence to enter new venues for

presentation and networking. It's plenty

to give good advice when it's needed but

even rarer to actually inspire better work.

Laura gets my vote for promotion

from coach to Muse!"

Martin C. Fowler, PhD — author of
The Ethical Practice of Critical Thinking


"Laura was our group's mentor and coach.

She was enthusiastic, kind, energetic and

I learned a lot about team work that day,

but most importantly, Laura enabled me

to identify and improve upon an important

aspect of my life, which was resilience."

Nooresa Sutarwala — 2017 Master of
Management Studies (MMS) Candidate

at Duke Fuqua School of Business


  "I've completed a number of these corpor-

ate learning events in the past, and Laura

was one of the best facilitators I've worked

with ... [she] was able to expertly weave

individual, team and life lessons into the

event — making personal connections

 with each of us and offering a safe and

 supported environment for us all to

step out of our comfort zone."

Mike Ellerhorst — IT Infrastructure
and Security Consultant at PwC


"I would have to say that Laura saved

our STEM Leaders Roundtable last spring.

Literally, she saved it. She planned well and

did a highly professional and effective job of

facilitating. Publications have come from the

engaged and thoughtful discussions, thanks

to her use of group activities and guidance

toward achieving these end products."

Steve Warshaw, PhD — Vice Chancellor

for Academic Programs at North Carolina
School of Science and Mathematics

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